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Gardening with Friends


You are invited to join the Garden Club of Montclair … there’s something for everyone!

​Established in 1975 to stimulate interest and enjoyment in gardening and to beautify our homes and community, we continue to welcome avid and budding gardeners alike to participate in our monthly meetings.​


Whatever your skill level or interest, we extend an invitation to you to take part in our monthly meetings from March to December that feature informative speakers, instructive workshops, and private tours of historic homes and gardens. We also support and participate in community projects that beautify Montclair and surrounding neighborhoods! Come and garden with friends!


The Garden Club of Montclair seeks to provide members with education, resources, and networking opportunities that expand our love of and interest in gardening, horticulture, floral and landscape design, and highlight the important role we play in environmental conservation.

2023 Program Highlights

June - November:  Firehouse Garden 

Volunteers are needed to help maintain the firehouse garden.  The garden is located on Waterway Blvd., across the street from the Property Owners Association (MPOA) building.

Sign up for dates to help 

Information on what to do at the Firehouse Garden

September 27  Garden Club of Montclair meeting

This will be a Wednesday meeting.  We we will be visiting  Chatham Manor in Fredericksburg and then go to Brocks for lunch.  r

October 25 - Meeting at Montclair Library

We will be meeting at the Montclair Library on Wednesday, October 25 for a speaker and a pot luck luncheon.

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